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IIPS is a affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and prepares students for the all India Senior Secondary Examination in three different streams, namely Mathematics, Biology and Commerce. The School follows the CCE (Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation) system, allowing faculty to provide constant feedback about the scholastic progress of each and every student at regular intervals.

Digi-class from Edurite is a comprehensive solution for the ICT (Interactive Classroom Teaching) needs of the school. It enables teachers to use digital resources such as educational Animations, Videos, Diagrams & 3-D graphics with audio to bring interactivity right inside in the classroom and create a multisensory learning experience for students, dramatically improving their academic performance. IIPS is currently using Digi-classes in six classrooms, and this service will be extended to many more classrooms in the future.

All IIPS teachers are well trained and have proper educational backgrounds. Additionally, all teachers are specially trained to follow the IIPS methodology of working with students so as to ensure their all round personality development. Their skills are honed at regular intervals and they are always available to the parents to discuss all the issues pertaining to the student.