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Message From School Founder

Generally 9 yrs of time is insufficient for any institution, specially when it is concerned with educational institution, but I.I.P.S. has many outstanding achievements in these 9 yrs and has its own glory in Dabra Region. We are glad that we have been able to achieve the motto with which the school was established. We are working continuously in preparing children into ideal citizens by providing physical, mental & moral development.

It is an occasion of paying generosity to all our well wishers for their cooperation throughout our long journey. First of all we pay gratitude to principal, teachers & staff who had put their full potential to fulfill our imagination. It would have been impossible to achieve this success without their contribution.

We thank all the parents who showed faith in us right from the first year with their good wishes and support. We are thankful to the management committee of Dabra who helped us at every step special thanks to Shri Basant Kukreja & Shri Virendra Jain who were associated with us in every school activity.

Last but not the least my thanks also goes to our students who have given several reasons to feel ourselves proud, whether it be in the field of sports or debate, music or general knowledge.

I hope that success of these nine years would only be a glimpse and the school shall achieve more success and glory in the coming years.

Dr. R.C. Manglik, School Founder
01.05.1938 - 04.01.2016